BRUSHO cards and techniques – Part 1

To my horror, I needed a Thank You card this morning and… couldn’t find one.
I have lots of OTHER cards but the Thank Yous – and ones I need almost on a daily basis? Nada.

Because I mentioned I was going to post some info about how I use Brushos, I decided to do both at the same time.

What I did –
I was sent a box of Brusho paints by a friend who lives in the UK. Since then I have purchased a few more to give as gifts – I purchased them from the manufacturer in the UK, straight from the website:

The 24 color kit cost US$62.00 shipping included (around 40 British Pounds) and arrived in 6 days.

I left about 3/4 of the contents in the jars they come in, and purchased #04 bottles from SKS: from this LINK  and added some of the crystals  (about 1/4 of the bottle).

Because there are techniques that need a bottle and because dropping the crystals from the bottle tip is far more controllable than from the hole in the jar lid.
Not to mention that the jar lid tends to retract and virtually close the hole, which needs to be poked again… and sometimes, time is of the essence when adding colors. Which, in turn, becomes irritating.

Anway, I did nothing very sophisticated. I used some of the brusho and a very very little amount of water to “paint” the bottles – and still have to find time to create nicer labels… at the time, i just wanted to put the crystals in the bottles and PLAY! lol


So, to the different techniques.

1. Black Crystals on block

The Black Brusho is made out of several different particle colors. If you shake a little of the Black on top of an acrylic block, you can pick these different colors – at random because you can’t really quite tell which colors you are picking until they are wet.

The result you get is similar to this:


Use a small brush and dip the tip lightly in water and on some of the Black crystals. Add to a petal.
Repeat the process and add the color you get to another petal making sure to use random dipping spots and not stirring the crystals.

I always added the first brush-load where I wanted the shadows to be and then dragged the color to the tips – but if you would rather use a different way, it ill probably work as well.

2. Bottle Squeeze Brusho

You can also wet an area – into a shape or in any random fashion, and then squeeze the Brusho bottle with your picked color onto it side ways. Most crystals will stay within the wet spot but some will absorb some of the moisture and will land everywhere, leaving a “brusho  path”, like I like to call it.

In this card, I placed a die cut on top of the Brusho Squeeze to get a painterly look.


3. Another fun thing to do with Brusho is to white or clear emboss and image and add water to the different parts of the image and let the water dome.
In order to dome, the paper needs to be saturated with water – so wet the image portion, wait until it absorbs into the paper and wet it again.
As soon as you see the dome of water form, drop a couple of crystals from the bottle nozzle into that portion only.

Wherever you drop the paint will be darker – when it dries, drag some of the color with a damp brush to complete the image.
Use an almost dry brush so you will drag only a very light version of the color you already have, making it a 2 tone image.

I like to break the lines – but you can use the technique to paint within the lines if it is what you wish

I hope this gets your creative juices flowing and you go play with some Brusho!!

more techniques to come in a couple of days.




Watercolor Flowers with new colors

Hello there!

Last week I decided to expand my palette of Daniel Smith watercolors and OMG – am I ever so happy I did!
Daniel Smith makes a few paints that it calls GENUINE in the PrimaTek line – they are 100% natural pigments,  made from semi-precious stones or other natural resources and they are OH SO YUMMY.

I started with Mayan Blue Genuine, fell in love with it and there… it was the start of a new palette!

But I wanted to know which colors I’d like the most before buying so I ordered the 238 dot color chart and spent 3 days ooohing and aaaaaahing and playing… lol

From there, I decided to expand to other Daniel Smith watercolors as well – not only the PrimaTek.

Green gold, Phthalo Turquoise, Rich Green Gold… the deliciousness of these colors!
Another one I just fell in love with – M Graham Quinacridone Rust.

But I digress…

At the moment, I have 5 of the PrimaTek Genuine and more on the way – The Serpentine Genuine and the Rhodonite go together PERFECTLY.


As usual, as soon as new yummies arrive, I get to swatching…

And using them in studies….

In all of these I only used the DS Serpentine, DS Green Gold, DS Rhodonite and DS Phthalo Turquoise… and let me tell you, I could go on for days!

Freesias are always fun to try. And the Green Gold and Rhodonite are just gorgeous together. Add a dash of Phthalo Turquoise and wow. love it. I added some other color names on the bottom to remind myself to test their combos on the same flowers.

Then, only leaves

Then I wanted to try all the new colors together so I did some negative flower painting with a round #12

Last, I tried the touch and drag technique to make a spiky composition.
I love the way the greens mingle and the dragging effects!



Have you played with color today?


Summer time, Watercolor – and we have never been so busy

SO many things going on with family, with watercolor painting… i have also been redecorating the whole entire house and as you know, I don’t like buying furniture and putting it in place without adding a “touch” of something lol

anyway, quick update – we are also getting ready for a trip overseas.

will be painting these this coming days…

market man in watercolor  stage 1




3 working women in watercolor - stage 1

as soon as this one is finished…


to finish, I will just get a stick from the garden, make a point of a knife and stick it into a jar of Sumi Ink to give definition to the shapes…

what have you been doing?